Healing at Home

A 1.5 hour workshop for caregivers of 0-8 year olds on how they can help their child recover from trauma

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Families with children who have experienced trauma often wonder things like...

  • How will this impact my child?

  • Should I be getting them into therapy?

  • What do I look for to know if they're actually OK?

  • What really matters and what can I just let go of?

  • Other people in my child's life say that children are resilient, am I overreacting by being concerned?

I've got the answers to all of your questions...

In just 1.5 hours I am going to teach you the 4 main priorities that are needed to heal from any traumatic experience. Once you've watched this workshop, you'll know exactly what you need to do, exactly what to look for and exactly what you can let go of.

Buy Now $59 USD/$88 AUD

This approach to healing is suitable for any kind of trauma including:

  • Birth Trauma

  • Medical Trauma

  • Family Separation, Adoption or Foster Care

  • Scary Incidences with Animals

  • Scary experiences like car accidents or house fires

  • Sleep Training

Parents often think that a trained therapist is the best person to support their child after trauma. But the truth is, because of your attachment with your child, you actually have the greatest power to help them heal. And I am going to show you exactly how by making it S.A.F.E again....

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As part of this workshop, you will receive:

  • 1.5 Hour Pre Recorded Workshop

    At a time that's convenient to you, watch the workshop and learn a simple approach backed by the most up to date science on childhood trauma. You will learn exactly what you need to prioritise to help your child heal at home.

  • Lifetime Access + All Future Updates

    You can continue coming back to this material so you can handle any challenging or traumatic experience that might arise for your child with confidence and clarity. You'll also receive any updates and additions made to this workshop.